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The Saaleck Castle Winery is a place where history and modernity merge impressively. Its roots date back to 1298 when it was first mentioned in records and was then under the leadership of the Prince Abbots of Fulda. In the following centuries, the winery went through a turbulent history - it became Napoleonic and finally royal Bavarian.The historic walls of Saaleck Castle tell stories from several centuries. They are witnesses to a time when the vineyard was famous for its exceptional qualities, just as they have experienced the upheavals that accompanied different reigns.In 2011, a new chapter began for our winery. With great joy and commitment, we succumbed to the dream of owning our winery and bought Saaleck Castle Winery. Since then, we have been implementing our vision of sustainable viticulture. We cultivate organic wine on over 18 hectares according to the strict rules of Naturland Association.Our aim is not only to deliver outstanding quality but also contribute towards preserving our environment. Therefore, we continuously work towards ensuring that our viticulture is in harmony with nature. Our vines thrive amidst diverse flora and fauna which we carefully nurture and protect. The wines produced here are not only expressions of our ability but also reflect natural conditions in our region.Saaleck Castle Winery is a place full of history, passion, and dedication for viticulture. We cordially invite you to taste our organic wine and experience the unique atmosphere at our historical vineyard.

 You can purchase our wines in our wine shop in the town hall located in the Hammelburg market square.

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Look forward to a new era of Hammelburger wine.

The wine in 2023 has shown very exciting. The hot summer caused good grape maturation and thus the harvest began two weeks earlier than usual. Our grape-picking helpers were also back with full enthusiasm, working hard within our steep slopes. All of the fully mature grapes were harvested with high fructose content (Oechsle) and on the 02. October, we will reap the last grapes. Now, the high-quality musts are fermenting in the wine cellar.

We also integrate classical music during fermentation. We offer the lees soothing sounds of Mozart and other various types of relaxing music. Our wines are fermented by the vibrations of the sound, and the respective character is then uniformly and effectively brought to life. This music program continues throughout the year.

Carbon Dioxide from the bubbles in the wine tank

2023 – A good vintage, with a very good quality!


Our organic vineyards located in the historic vineyard walls of the "Saalecker Schlossberg" have evolved throughout the years. Thanks to the intensive care of our winemaker, we were able to obtain healthy and perfectly ripe grapes of high quality. New herbs, such as mallow (malve), buckwheat and lupines (bluebonnets), flourished throughout the fall and over the winter months provided the soil with the proper nutrients that the vines needed.
In our organically farmed property, we avoid all synthetic pesticides and herbicides (weed killers). Our winemaker Klemens Rumpel has many years of organic viticulture experience, owning a small organic winery himself. He is also president of the "Franconian Ökowinzer" (organic winegrowing organization).

Have questions? Then come visit us at our wine shop in the town hall on the market square.
We look forward to seeing you.

Franconian Wine Regards,
Weingut Schloss Saaleck
Dipl.-Ing. Ulrike und Thomas Lange

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In our wine shop you can taste wines before purchasing. Free parking is available at the town hall pass.
We look forward to your visit!


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We make our wines by commitment to the people, nature and tradition.
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