Weingut Weintrauben 2019

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If a wine harmonizes with a dish, then it is certainly a culinary delight.

Food and Wine win through their successful partnership and if done right, without one obscuring the other, both partners can reveal new and sometimes unexpected flavours.

Some basic rules when selecting wine:

  • Wine should emphasize the taste of the dish and not overpower it.
  • Alcohol increases the presence of sweetness and enhances the effect of spices.
  • High in fat foods are more palatable with wines that are high in acid, tannin and alcohol.
  • Strong, spicy foods combined with high-in-alcohol wines make wines seem even stronger
  • Carbon Dioxide in wine (Champagne, etc.) partially obscures the sweetness sensation.
  • Combined with food, sparkling wines seem sweeter than they actually are. 
  • Salt increases the perception of bitterness, when bitterness is present.

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    Wine is our passion

    We make our wines by commitment to the people, nature and tradition.
    These wines inspire with pure joy and enjoyment out of every glass


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